Audiobook Review: Motivation On The Go by Priya Kumar

Inspiring Self-help book apt in all walks of life. You can download this book from the website: and listen to it wherever and whenever you are free. It is worth listening to.

The author starts the session with a beautiful quote by Buddha. She gives insights on each concept with beautiful illustrations and provides you with tips and ideas which can be followed in life and inspires us to be a more better human.

Motivation On The Go has inspiring sessions which will open a new world to people. The Chapters discussed are as below:

  1.  Find your Harry Potter: How to face failures with perseverance and holding on to your visions.
  2. Be Curious about Success: Being curious about positive things in life and how to motivate/ upgrade oneself.
  3. Do Business like a farmer: How to sustain in life by applying farmers way which helps in the harvest of abundance and well-being.
  4. Managing Expectations: How to gain confidence by following simple steps to maintain a healthy balance, ability to handle expectations and improvise on failures.
  5. Do your own PR: Self -development on building goodwill, how to project yourself and tips on how to do your own PR.
  6. Art of doing nothing: Practices to overcome frustrations and have a stressfree life.
  7. Win more than you lose: Don’t be disheartened if you make mistakes, learn from them and move on in life.
  8. Push your luck: How to be lucky in life by applying 3 simple formulas.
  9. Put your best foot forward: Start fresh new from this moment to be happy with wiser choices and clever decisions. Don’t procrastinate.
  10. Turn the tables: The Real test of purpose and commitment to your dreams is how you face challenges and deal with obstacles in life. Ideas suggested for facing tougher situations.

At the end of the session, you can feel the confidence within which will help you to climb up the ladder of success in life.

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