Book Review: A Long Way Home by Mitali Meelan

A heart-touching family drama with a beautiful message.

Well narrated and wonderfully written by engaging the readers to feel the right essence of emotions attached which helps us to know the story from each characters perspectives.

Family attachments, heartbreaks, love, siblings relationship, responsibilities, courage, following your passion, overcoming your fears, how to be a person of dreams, hopes, finding the real strength in you and discovering your true potential are beautifully portrayed.

Readers will know in-depth about the characters and their aspirations. The climax will make you feel emotionally touched.

The mesmerizing quote which I loved the most from the book – “A dream as strong as yours has the power to see it through because if you’re madly passionate about something that you’re ready to give up your soul to the devil for it, nothing can stop you from reaching the heights.”

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