Book Review: Paradise Towers by Shweta Bachchan- Nanda


Amazing debut novel

Beautiful Narration with author’s observant to even minute details and her sense of humor.

The book is different because unlike most other books, it doesn’t tell us the story of one or two protagonists but that of a society as a whole.

The characters are lively and the incidents are engrossing.

Life in the apartments is relatable and realistic.

I loved how she introduces the readers to the occupants of the apartments in each floor from the first tenant to the newest tenant and her talent of portraying what’s happening to the families on each floor. Not only the tenants but even those who work as helpers – gardener, dhobi, cook, liftman, watchman and servants including pet parrot are also given due importance.

The plot takes on a smooth pace in the beginning and gradually makes the readers engaging.

She has good command over the English language. Her wit in combining all the stories of the tenants. Chaos and get-togethers in the apartments are beautifully illustrated.

What I loved about the characters of this book is their diversity. They come from different parts of India and even the world. They reflect different cultures, different ideologies, and customs. Despite diversities, they all accept each other and learn to live in harmony and spread happiness.

You can find so much drama, hidden truths, inter-caste love, apartment friends discussing domestic issues and gossips, unfortunate events, investigations, mystery, trust, confessions, responsibilities, violence, women protection, support and assistance during hard times, new beginnings, and heartbreaks.

To an outsider, life always takes a smooth and mundane path in the Paradise Towers. But only an insider knows what lurks behind its tough and commanding exteriors

Everyone has a story to tell or a story to hide.

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