Book Review: I’ve never been (Un) Happier by Shaheen Bhatt


A Memoir of living with Depression.

It is currently available only in Kindle Edition and can be downloaded from Amazon and Google Books.

It is a beautiful Memoir on how she fought with depression. If you have gone through a period of depression you can relate to this book very much and if not, you can understand what it’s like to be a depressed person.

Sometimes, it shatters your dreams and hopes and you live with the fear of not facing the world, live in isolation and sadness pour in not knowing what’s going on with oneself and think about ending your life. You don’t want to meet people around you as well. The only solution is to embrace the moment and fight for it. Memoir sheds light on how to come out of the darkness in you.

I applaud her for talking about it honestly and sharing it with us, as it might be of help to those who are suffering from it.

She also gives insights on what depression is in general, the types, the feelings one has to go through and the road to diagnosis.

Incredible quotes mentioned in the book.

Her father’s inspiring words of Wisdom and the constant support from her loved ones helped her to overcome her darkest days with hope, sense of humor and a steadfast belief.

Very moving and quick read. This is a must-read book I would recommend.

Simple, honest and yet thought-provoking about certain feelings which torment us all at certain points in our lives.



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