Book Review: Heal me…I’m falling apart by Rahul Singh


Incredible story of love and friendship

Unique and brilliant story by a debut author. Set in Jamshedpur.

Rohit, an introvert, raised by single dad Deepak, excels in studies, have good friends,his top priority in life is to take care of dad, and considers himself as his luckiest son.Diary writing and reading books gave him  company. His diary brought him a flashback of memorable childhood days.

The author takes the readers on a beautiful journey of relationship, friendship and unconditional love.

Chapter titles gives  a slight hint on what to expect in it. Dreams, Hopes, wishes, forgiveness, strength, innocence, promises, distances, humanity, sacrifices, finding oneself, jealousy, loyalty and guilt are the concepts dealt with.

Motivational quotes apt to the situations inspires the readers. I loved the farewell speech given by the school principal. Emotional moments between Kiran and Deepak makes the readers realise what true love is.

Transition from past to current moments in Rohit’s life is beautifully portrayed. Love the way he pens down the emotions of each characters.

Social issues are relatable and a reality in rural parts of India.

The plot becomes interesting  as we turn the page,unfold mysteries and tragedies follows.

The book also  tell about Tanya’s story of grit, determination and success which is  a new chapter.

Life is unpredictable. Enjoy the moments. It may be your last chance.

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