Book Review: The Rule Breakers by Preeti Shenoy


Queen of Fiction yet again conquers the reader’s hearts with a Unique Story and Powerful messages of Life.

Outstanding Story with a thrilling experience.

It conveys to speak your mind, have the courage to go for what you want and stand up for it.

I loved the book cover. Red dupatta in the cover is symbolic and explains the rule breakers as a pictorial very well.

Book divided into 4 parts: THE RULES, PLAYING BY THE RULES, BENDING THE RULES and THE RULE BREAKERS. Each Part Begins with apt meaningful quotes about Rules.

Characters in the book are well portrayed which makes you feel connected to them and give us a strong message.

Each Part Begins with apt meaningful quotes about Rules.

Beautiful description of the Joshimath and Pune which makes us feel the scenic beauty of the Cities.

Heart- touching story deals with Siblings Bond, Societal Issues, Love, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship Goals, Hard work,  and Education with interesting twists and turns.

It takes us back to the year 1990’s where the only medium of communication is through letters. Loved the exchange of letters between sisters Veda and Vidya.

Well researched everything about the Rules, the events happenings in year 90’s, NGO organizations, Printing Press, Rural areas and historical places.

Inspiring words of wisdom on how to deal with life to crave one’s own path motivates the readers.

She describes the life situations which a woman goes through in her life in reality and how society does expect women to conform to certain norms.

Grips the readers with all the emotions. You can experience happy, sad, tragic, emotional, magical, laughter, mystery, thrill, suspense, and shocking moments within you while reading the book.

Amazing read.

Will you be a  Rule Breaker or a Rule Follower in your life? Find out more about it by reading this book.






































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