Book Review: Superhuman in You by Nakul Grover


Unique, Motivational and Thought-provoking Book

Inspirational self-help book which helps in discovering the real you and makes us realize the real purpose of our journey on earth. The incredible quotes mentioned in the book are meaningful and thought-provoking. Beautiful insights on spiritual education and human connection with God makes the book unique. Brilliant examples of his life experiences and incidents help the readers in the better understanding of the concepts. Interesting read.

Lessons of life on Hope, achieving your goals and dreams, patience, doing things wholeheartedly, faith in God, prayers, charity, kindness, calmness, honesty, power of knowledge, being grateful, accepting the sufferings which build us, learning new things and learning from our mistakes, not to give up, stop comparing, confronting our fears, sacrifices, pure mind, counting our blessings, living in the moment, dharma, karma, silence, solitude, mind, importance of books, willpower, righteousness, self control, respect one’s words, our responsibility to keep calm during hard times and being faithful towards our religion.

How to face problems in life is beautifully illustrated by a story of a yogi and a businessman. The chapters are well analyzed and placed in the book.

You can achieve anything in life when you master the five gifts or treasures from God which are Habits, self-discipline, detachment, concentration, and persistence. Author’s keys of wisdom help us in finding our life purpose. He also touches on how modern life technologies affect people in connecting with their inner souls.

Loved the Persian proverb ” I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” mentioned in the book which is my favorite.

God’s messages in connection with nature are beautifully depicted.

“Ask God, who is governing everything, to grant you some beautiful memories along with your gifts, so that your gifts become a memorable part of your life.”

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