Book Review: Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma



The story starts in a Cafe – Kabir Kafe. It is about how Meera, the protagonist finds her story and becomes a successful writer.

Readers will know in-depth about the characters and their aspirations. Each of them has a story to tell. Kabir is from a poor family and educated started his own business- Cafe, Nisha being from a rich family had to go through unexpected events, Meera – her aspirations to become a writer and Vivaan – even though he has everything in his hand, the reason behind for his love for travelling and the story behind it.

The tragedy struck.

Love, Friendship, Life, Fear, Hopes, Dreams, and Kindness are the concepts dealt with.

Inspiring quotes which give a deep and meaningful thought about life.

The author makes us feel what the characters are going through as she tells the story from each character’s views.

I loved the emotional moment at the hospital. The feelings within Vivaan and Meera are beautifully portrayed.

Love is a wonderful feeling. Follow your passions, Love Hard and forgive the mistakes.

It’s very true indeed that everyone has a story to tell.

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