Book Review: Everyone has a Story – 2 by Savi Sharma


I am delighted to receive this book signed by the author for the first time on Kindle.

In this book, Fate tests the characters who brought the readers hope and courage in the first book”Everyone has a Story”.

Even if you have not read the first book, the author gives a brief of happenings in the past as well as in the present in each character’s life which will enable the readers to have a better understanding of the story. Fate struck each character and how they struggle to lead life forward.

Author has beautifully illustrated the emotions in their life – joy, fear, pain, hope, and sorrow. She provides insights into writer’s life and their struggling with dreaded writers’ block.

Dreams, Love for one’s passion, failures, struggles, courage, love, hope, hard work, the bond of true friendship through thicks and thins, long-term commitment, humanity, gratitude, patience, family, and relationship goals are the elements beautifully woven together in her story with an interesting turn of events and twists.

Easy read. Wonderful Narration. Lessons about life struggles which are beneficial in our daily lives motivate the readers throughout the story.

I loved her unique Idea of epilogue, prologue, and chapters where Fate speaks to the readers. She has an immense knowledge of small entrepreneurship business and made use of it in her inspirational book.

Fate may come to test us in our lives… Will we be ready to overcome or scared?

We cannot avoid the fate that is ours, but we can choose to walk that path with a positive step.

















































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