Book Review: How to write a book in 8 days by Priya Kumar


The perfect book for the people who are planning to write a book. It covers entire A to Z process involved in writing and publishing a book.

The author talks about her struggles and challenges she had to face by providing live examples from her real-life incidents which the readers can relate to and gives a better understanding. It is a platform of constant encouragement for our growth to become an author.

Beautifully explained about her transition from her childhood days in writing where her teachers thought it was not her work to writing in diaries, how she transformed her dreams into reality and ventured to start her publishing house “Books that Inspire”.

I loved the way she explains how she got the ideas for her books, giving the readers an insight into what is the actual scenario which one has to go through in publishing the book, covering all the aspects in the field of writing and how to self-publish it through the physical books, e-book and audio version. A wonderful collection of quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

Thank you to the author for genuinely helping the readers to explore their hidden talent in them.

Awesome, Inspiring and a must read for all budding writers…

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