Book Review: It’s A Mom Thing: Kickass Parenting by Sathya Ramaganapathy


Joyful Read on Parenting…

Anecdotes of parenting that mom has to go through with her kids in various topics are discussed in each chapter. The book makes the readers split into humor and at some points makes you concerned – the ideas on how to tackle the problems and tactics used to overcome it.

All’s not lost though. It’s not doom and gloom all the time. There are moments, not all that uncommon, especially as they grow older when they agree to be agreeable. Small pockets of calm when the two settle upon a common activity or a game and proceed to engage with each other. If you haven’t heard a peep from them for more than a couple of hours, they must be up to something. Time to step in.

The above lines from the book are apt on parenting.

Chapters in the book are categorized under:

Summer Holidays: April–May

First Term: June–September

Second Term: October–December

Third Term: January–March

The Book is engaging, informative, inspiring and also gives us the insights which we are unaware of.
The author is intelligent and has a good sense of humor which makes you light-hearted.

Beneficial tips on Voice Modulation, Help for Hassled Homies, Whistle, Math is Fun which takes us back to our school days regarding the problems related to train, time, work and gives a nostalgic feeling, Tongue-in-Cheek – an awesome chapter on how current generation kids behave compared to our generation, Holding the Bus – wonderful chapter about missing the school bus no matter how early we get up, What’s in a Word? – explains how children view their mothers to be strict and the inner feelings inside a Mom are beautifully explained, Milestone Mammas about the fantastic memories which are to be cherished are dealt with in this book and relatable in everyone’s parenting life.

The author takes the readers on a journey from children insisting on sitting on the lap to saving a place for her bestie.
Children grow fast but their memories will stay in our hearts forever. Once they grow up, Moms will have their freedom to be themselves.
‘The Joy of parenting is in seeing you live your life. Our pleasure is in knowing that we have raised you to stand on your own feet, and be independent.’

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