Book Review: My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala


Masterpiece book about the Pure and Genuine relationship

A wonderful love story brilliantly portrayed by a debut author.

The story takes the readers on a flashback journey of how three angels crossed in his path of life and the series of events which led him to the present situation in the hospital.

Very apt description about the cities – Kerala and Bangalore mentioned in the book.

The author has portrayed each and every character with an utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story. Colleague Senthil’s Character adds humor to the story.

What we learn from 3 angels in his life are:

  1. How to be strong in life
  2. The meaning of Love and
  3.  Love and Care for everyone and start thinking from other’s perspective

The author is intellectual – the words used in the book made me search for the meanings in the dictionary and I had a great fun learning new words. Awesome collection of quotable quotes relevant to the story has been well placed. Beautifully illustrated about IT professional lifestyles in India.

The Plot progresses gradually at the beginning to interesting twists and turns which makes the reader engrossed in the book.

The plot deals with Islamic Faith, Religion issues in a relationship, Friendship, Siblings love, Parents love for children, Value of loved ones during the rough patches of life, Belief in God and Destiny, True love, positivity on how to look at life around us, how women should be given importance and respect, what a genuine and pure relationship is all about, and a Social Message for today’s generation.

Our true assets are true relationships.








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