Book Review: Corridors of Life by Ajay Kumar



This book has 30 chapters which teaches you the concepts of life values and its lessons in our daily life.  It also tells you how to connect with oneself and find a solution to all the problems we face in our life. The author summarises the concepts in the book with a clear meaning and strong messages by providing his life incidents which all can relate to.

Key areas discussed in the book:

  • To control your Mind,the powerful thing
  • Be Creative with your own ideas
  • To keep going up in Life by learning from our mistakes and experiences
  • How To Control your Anger
  • Wear a Smile always which reflects the goodness in you
  • Believe in Humanity, Hard-Work, Determination, Commitments and Sixth sense
  • Be Courageous and Patient in hard life situations
  • Look over the  positive sides in life with Hope, Trust and Faith
  • How to Overcome the Fear of failures and Worries of Life
  • How to influence people in the first meet
  • Be yourself
  • TPP rule for success- Think, Plan and Practice
  • Be Knowledgeable which is the greater wealth than Money
  • Have Self respect and Be Self-dependent
  • Take  every OPPURTUNITY as a golden one
  • Be with the circle of people who always motivate you, appreciate your work and support you
  • Make yourself a part of silence which will clear the selection of ideas and helps in decision taking.
  • Motivating oneself daily which gives happiness.
  • Do good deeds to others because thats what it counts.

The habit of practicing the above areas should be cultivated by heart.

If we believe that  we are the reason to create our own destiny, every single moment we live then will be in the category of impossible.

Quotes I loved:

  • “Road and Load Is Taken On Own Decision”
  • Don’t pray for the easy life. Pray for the strength to endure the difficult one”
  • “Beauty of mind defines the depth of purity And trust on mankind lies within circle of surety”
  • “Don’t allow everyone to enter your circle They can dislocate your centre”
  • “Not to worry, you have your knowledge with you, don’t think for the other things because they can be divided or lost but your knowledge can’t be”.
  • “Work for the cause not for the applause Don’t strive to make your presence Live your life in such a way to make your absence felt”
  • “ Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”
  • “It can’t be a dream which does not scream till we get it”


Real life examples from author’s life makes us to understand the life values better.

Well – Written in simple language and easy to read.

Incredible quotes mentioned in the book are thought provoking

Inspiring and Informative book about different facets in life which blocks your path to attain success and how we can overcome it. I love the Author’s confidence in writing as he could well-in-advance predict what goes in the mind of the readers while reading the book.

Author takes the readers to the in-depth of one’s own souls to explore deep within the importance of the life values. Each one of that person who tries to conquer the mystery is the only person who creates history…

Kudos to the author for motivating the readers with insights on how to achieve success  in all aspects of our practical lives with positivity.

So, Start finding your problems in your life, take it as an opportunity and prove others that you are the person who can create history in this era of negativity and mind war..


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