A Day Trip to Blackpool

27th May 2018 :

We started from home at 8.00 am to Metrolink Station.

Boarded the Metrolink Tram from Altrincham to Manchester Piccadilly which takes around 35 minutes.



From Piccadilly, boarded train @9.20 am to Preston which takes around 45 minutes.


From Preston, we boarded the train to Blackpool Pleasure Beach @ 10.36 am. We could see nature scenic beauty- grass like waves moving in the wind. It reminded me of beautiful locations shot in Bollywood movies. Reached Blackpool @11.05 am.


Blackpool prides itself on its hypnotizing illuminations which run up and through the town’s main road.


The Beach

Blackpool’s stunning sandy beaches stretch out into the distance and offer miles of entertainment for families, couples, and travelers from all walks of life.

Three world-famous piers line the shore and, with stalls and ice cream vans along the whole stretch of promenade, there’ll be no end of entertainment options at this iconic beach. A great destination for a day out – Children can build sandcastles and paddle in the sea whilst leaving parents to relax and enjoy the miles of golden sand on the beach.


The Promenade

Taking a stroll down the promenade is a lovely way to draw a day on the beach to a close. There’s always so much happening in Blackpool, so going for a walk and taking it all in can be fun for everyone. It includes eye-catching art installations along the way and additional seating in the form of the wave walls and pebble-shaped seats. This is always great when combined with a day on the beach as they are right next to each other, and both absolutely free!


The Three Piers

Blackpool beach has three individual piers which are packed full of exciting activities and rides – The North Pier, The Central Pier, and The South Pier. The most prominent of the three piers – the Central Pier – can be seen from afar due to the colossal Ferris wheel which is over 100 feet high and offers fantastic views across Blackpool.


Blackpool is fairly unique in still having 3 piers, each of the Blackpool piers has its own character to attract visitors.

The North Piers has a wonderful Victorian character, with its large deck, its traditional end of pier theatre, a beautiful two storey carousel, and the sun pavilion.

The Central Pier with its Big wheel giving great views of the promenade and the beach, and a huge family entertainment center with a pirate-themed family bar.

The South Pier has a great range of traditional and hair-raising rides. From the reverse bungee, the dodgems, to the waltzes and side stalls, traditional stalls selling sweets and snacks; it has it all. There is also a great Family bar called the Laughing Donkey which has fun entertainment during the season for the children and adults alike.

Blackpool Trams and Horse Ride

Blackpool Trams and Horse Rides are major tourist attractions. One tram is in the shape of a Trawler and another in the shape of a traditional American Western Train.


Blackpool High Tide Organ

The High Tide Organ is a tidal organ 15 meters (49 ft 3 in) tall constructed as part of “The Great Promenade Show” series of sculptures situated along Blackpool’s New Promenade. The artwork, described as a “musical manifestation of the sea”.

The instrument is played by the sea at high tide through eight pipes attached to the sea wall.  These are connected under the promenade to 18 organ pipes within the sculpture. The swell of seawater at high tide pushes air up the sea-wall pipes and causes the organ pipes to sound. The best time to hear the High Tide Organ is two to three hours before or after high tide. On very calm days the organ is silent for part of its cycle. The pitches of the pipes are based on the harmonic series in B flat major.  It is a small group of musical instruments that operate without any human intervention.



Blackpool has three Mini Golf Courses, two of which are outdoor and the newest is an indoor Pirate themed indoor mini golf course called Golden Isle Adventure Golf.



Go-Karting is served by 3 tracks. A large outdoor track next to South Pier called Karting 2000. The second track is on the Promenade at North Shore. The smallest can be found at the Pleasure Beach.



It is an exhibition of the odd and unusual. This is located on the promenade at the front of the Pleasure Beach. It has two floors and 8 gallery’s to amaze and mystify you.


Blackpool Tower:

It is a tourist attraction inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris,  518 feet (158 meters) tall and is the 120th tallest freestanding tower in the world. Blackpool Tower is also the common name for Tower buildings, an entertainment complex in a red-brick three-story block comprising the tower, the ground floor aquarium and cafeteria, Tower Circus, the Tower Ballroom and roof gardens.


Sea Life Blackpool

It is a great place to enjoy the variety of sea life and learn lots of interesting facts. The center is home to over 2,000 different sea creatures. Rare tropical fish, rays, octopi, turtles, jellyfish and even sharks are sure to thrill all regardless of age. The center also carries out vital conservation work to protect the outstanding local aquatic life of the Blackpool area.


Madame Tussauds Blackpool

The Wax museum features over 80 wax figures of famous celebrities, film and television characters, athletes, and musicians.


Fish and Chips:

Blackpool is famous for its fish and chips and we were not going to miss it. It was absolutely yummy.


We enjoyed watching the sun rays and kite- flying on the beach in the evening and walked all the way back to the Pleasure Beach.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool :

This theme park is perfect for all ages with its fabulous shows, Nickelodeon Land, and, of course, hair-raising adventure rides. For thrill-seekers, there is the legendary The Big One and Valhalla, an indoor roller coaster that takes you on a journey through wind, ice, snow, and fire.

By the time we walked back to the Pleasure Beach, it was already 6 p.m. The Pleasure Beach closes at 7 p.m. and upon asking the person at the ticket counter, the nice gentleman advised that 1 hour might not be enough to cover all the rides and shows inside the park. Was a bit disappointed that we didn’t try to reach earlier, but then we enjoyed the walk on the beach etc. which no ride can replace. We gave it a miss and walked to the railway station.

Our train back to Altrincham was around 7 p.m. from the pleasure beach station, but it was canceled on that particular day. The Northern train services arranged for a beautiful replacement ride in a double-decker bus for free, and it took us through the small towns and villages. They were absolutely charming. Never thought one could see the beautiful English countryside and its life up so close.


One thing is certain – one needs at least 2 days to cover Blackpool.

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