Book Review: Like it Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh


Makes us Re-live our Childhood Days…

This book is about the true real-life incidents, golden memories and experiences in author’s life during his childhood and school days.

Everybody can relate to in one way or the other…Written in easy language which adds to its beauty.

First Day at School, About his Family, Beautifully description about the City he was born  and his house, Fear of going to the hospital, his exploration for the first time in Photo Studio, Protective for his sibling, his innocence, and curiosity for knowing how he was born, the quest for solving mysteries in his life,  his obsession with ink-pen, his dream of having a bicycle, his signs of growing up, travelling for the first time in public transport due to change in school, his first crush, his first movie at the theatre, his annual day preparations, his first love, his parents sacrifices for his education, his depression, what brought about positive change in him, his competitiveness, and how his life shaped up after his school days.

I loved these parts in the book very much – where he quotes talcum powder applied on the faces with mom’s handkerchief to make him look fairer, Doordarshan TV channel being the only source of entertainment compared to many channels which are offered nowadays and his parents asking him to make friends on basis of people’s mark sheets which are true and relevant in our childhood days as well.

It takes the readers on a beautiful, innocent, crazy, curiosity-filled and memorable days of his life where life was a lot simpler than what it is today.


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