Book Review: How I became a Farmer’s Wife by Yashodhara Lal

Beautiful memoir of how her husband takes up his passion for farming.

In this book, the author has brought out the sequence of events happening in her life being a Farmer’s wife.

The author has well written in a simple language and easy read. It keeps the readers engrossed in the book.

The book revolves around her multi-talented facets in her life which includes her family, her corporate life, being a mother, zumba instructor, her passion for music and learning yoga and lastly, how she supports her husband being farmer’s wife.

It also takes us on a journey from her hubby’s idea of taking up farming to the risks involved and how to cope up with the problems involved in it.

I loved the author’s wonderful description of the farm which makes the readers visualise and feels lively.

How as a farmer they found the rented land, procure seeds, labour, veggies, dairy farming, cows, dogs and mango grove trees, children liking for the farm and animals, the babas, and the loss and emotions attached to it are dealt in this book.

The technological game of the kids ‘Hay Day’ turning into a real life incidents for kids to enjoy in the farm.

Awesome Memoir👌👍

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