Book Review: The Frogs by Preeti Shenoy


Outstanding Story with a thrilling experience…

I opened to read the story thinking it must be about frogs. When I started reading, I found that it is  a fabulous story with a difference. Brilliant narration. It touches on the concepts about the problem with modern-day parents, loneliness, how the protagonist transforms her hobbies into passion, traditional family values, and how the protagonist brings about harmony in her relationship.

I loved the author’s description of the child portrayed in the story and felt real.

The Story is about the misfortunes happening in the protagonist’s life . It takes the readers to her flashback in her life to know her better.

Passion for Gardening reminds me of the author’s beautiful garden. The names and medicinal uses of all the plants were informative.

The author reflects on her masterpiece by giving an indepth about the characters. The way things flow one after the other in the story is captivating to the core.

 As you read the book, suspense unfolds. I loved the Climax. It gives a thrilling experience.

When you are interested in something, you will always find a way’…. 















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