Review: The Fundamentals of Creative writing by Preeti Shenoy

What Will You Learn from the course?
  • Write a good story
  • Write good dialogues
  • Create strong characters and settings
  • Write better
  • Know where to get ideas from
  • How to keep a writers notebook and what goes into it

My review:

Preeti Shenoy as a teacher is awesome. The entire course gives all answers to the questions in the Writer’s Mind. She provides us with the in-depth insights about how to write a fiction short story/ novel and covers all the concepts required in the writing world. I sincerely thank her for efforts and dedication put in for this course. She is an excellent guide. I loved her systematic step by step procedure which allows her students from thinking their own ideas, opening their thought process and developing the ideas by following all the concepts discussed to write a short story. Assignments at the end of each chapter helps to improve writing skills and her comments on where to focus on the areas deserves a special mention.Lively Illustrations from her own experiences. On the whole, Preeti Shenoy takes her students on an informative journey which makes us to understand what hurdles an author have to face while writing and publishing a book.

Author’s reply:

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