The Concept of Time

You could ‘have a hell of a time‘ when things go wrong or even when they are great! But you have ‘the time of your life‘ only when you are happy! You could be ‘behind times‘ or ‘ahead of time‘. ‘ Time heals all wounds,’ but you have to ‘stand the test of time‘ before that happens. You can ‘buy time‘, ‘catch time‘, ‘borrow time‘, ‘beat time‘ or even ‘kill time‘! ‘Times flies‘, but ‘time stands still‘ too! You can ‘race against time‘ and reach your destination ‘in the nick of time‘, or you could be ‘ahead of time‘ – unless, of course, you are already ‘ behind the times‘. We ‘have all the time in the world‘, but did you know that ‘time waits for no one‘?

Whether it is ‘the best of times‘ or the ‘worst of times‘, it is clear that ‘time is the essence‘! ‘Time alone will tell‘ if you have ‘stood the test of time‘!

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