Life Lessons from Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 is the eleventh season of Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss,  which was telecasted on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan. It premiered on 1 October 2017 with the finale set on January 14, 2018. 19  personalities including the commoners participated in the show. I watched all the episodes. Shilpa Shinde, TV actress, won the show.

Life Lessons learned from the show:

  • Be Simple, truthful and confident, but not overconfident.
  • Help people in whatever way you can.
  • Be like a mother who always loves and does everything for their kids by protecting them, correcting them, and being angry at them but never expects anything from them.
  • Never feel defeat with the circumstances around you. Find strength in people’s criticism and look for positivity in life.
  • Always remember ‘This Too Shall Pass’ if you are emotional or happy.
  • Hard work will always pay and respect everyone.
  • A  family love is the best love which gives you strength and holds you high.
  • Be kind, patient and be realistic.
  • Recognition should not go over your head/be grounded.
  • Do what you love to do and put your best efforts.
  • Have self-respect.
  • Have gratitude to the people who help you. Keep up your promises and be true to your words. Give honest opinions to people.
  • Be sportive, courageous and competitive in life.
  • Maintain lifelong friendships.
  • Laugh at your mistakes and don’t take it seriously.



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