Book Review : You are the Best Friend by Ajay K Pandey


True Friendship

About the Book and Author:

This is the third book I am reading written by the author. I love reading his books as it takes the readers to author’s personal experience of life. All his books inspire the readers. Impressive and thought-provoking. This book speaks about what is true friendship and how he recovered depression. Unlike the previous books, I am so happy that it had a happy ending. Author’s masterpiece work of writing and it’s a true love story indeed…. 😊👍👌

Author’s 1st book was focussed on dengue,  2nd book on HIV and the 3rd book on depression. Along with the emotional journey of the story, we get awareness of the diseases and the effects of the same.

In this book, author’s humanity and his love for nature are revealed to readers. The author also tells about the incident where the 2nd book moral came from. He gives his sincere gratitude to readers who keep his writing going. He feels happy in interacting with the readers through the mail or social media.



This book is a sequel to ‘You are the Best Wife’. It tells about what happened to the author after his wife’s death. He was going through depression and he was not aware how to deal with it.

There is voidness in his life. All people showing sympathy towards him. His mother after him to get married again. He needs a best friend at this hour of life as he lost his wife who was his best friend. His dream was to publish a book about his wife and their love story.  The publishers rejected his book many times. As he was not able to concentrate on his job, he plans to take a long leave and go to Art of living course.  There he meets a girl named Anisha and how she transforms his life and be his best friend.

He makes readers experience the beautiful scenic sight of Rudraprayag which is heavenly and also about the insights of each day spent there.



Anisha is a girl around twenty-eight-years-old. She is energetic, lively, interactive, has inquisitive nature, a genuine combination of beauty and confidence. She has sharp observations, caring nature, and a straightforward girl. She was the first one who had offered a hand of friendship to a lost man.She has a  never say die attitude, extreme fashion freak and an Intelligent girl.


What I liked about the book:

  1. Parents-son relationship
  2. How Anisha as a gem and as his friend of life motivated him, stood by him for his passion and believed in him.
  3. The last chapter ‘Anisha speaks’ telling about her side of the story.



True Friends:

Everyone has a friend during every stage of life. But only the lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.

The beauty of a true friend is as follows:

  • The best conversations are the ones where you don’t have to worry about what you say. You can just be, you.
  • No matter how much you disturbed them, they will stand by you when you need them.
  • Friends are medicines for a wounded heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul.
  • Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness
  • A real friend never questions. They accept who you are and help you become better.
  • A true friend’s silence hurts more than an enemy’s rough words.
  • A true friend knows you more than you do.


Quotes I Loved:

  •  “Your smile is the signature of your personality.” Never allow it to be washed away by your tears or erased by your anger. Life is best for those who enjoy it. It is difficult for those who compare it with that of others; and the worst for those who criticize it. Your own attitude defines your life.’
  • When we are involved in things where our heart is, we do not get the time to think of ‘those unanswered questions’. Being busy is the biggest healer. Time heals nothing unless you move along with it.
  • The value of a moment increases when it becomes a memory.
  • ‘Today, you love your mom. Tomorrow, you will love your partner. When you love, you do not replace the person, you always add a new relationship. That is the beauty of love.’
  • Wounds heal, but they leave scars which are permanent.
  • ‘Every person has a unique place in one’s life. The best thing is to have a friend for life.







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