Book Review: The Perils of being moderately famous by Soha Ali Khan


Soha in her book tells in the beginning to the readers that if you are expecting or looking for answers about what Saif said or Kareena’s glowing complexion or queries about anything that her family members said. It’s not about them, it’s all about her.

Laughing at oneself is a unique quality which all cannot do it. She laughs at her mistakes and grows through. Her Choice of  Career options at age of 40 is a variety- opening a production company and writing a book -among them. She is Intelligent – the words she has used in the book made me search the meaning in the dictionary and I had a great fun learning new words and she has a good sense of humor. She chose to write for self-employment.

She calls herself being moderately famous compared to other family members. She has learned, over time, to embrace that part of her identity.  Recently she becomes active on social media and her Instagram account and was gaining in popularity. She has written the book with such ease and wit.


She has beautifully explained all about her paternal and maternal family generations and about Ancestral home. She also gives the readers about the in-depth explanation of the words mentioned in the book.

The Chapter I loved and enjoyed the most is on her father. It explains about the emotional bonding shared between her father and her. I enjoyed the short telephonic conversations exchanged between her and abba. She learned tolerance and a live-and-let-live attitude through her Abba.



“Life will knock you down time and time again, and you must find the strength inside you to stand up. Never give up the fight—not until your dying breath.”

Chapters  in the book are about her family, her life experiences,  college days, travel, graduation day, working career, starting small business from a very young age of 6, acting career, how she handles the media and her social network, her love life, her beneficial advice to all the women – single, stay at home or working mothers and on pregnancy.

Lovely pictures are inserted in the chapters and lovely stories attached to them brings smiles to the readers. Beautiful Poems of Rabindranath Tagore translated into English for readers understanding.

Her life, in comparison, has been smooth sailing where she has enjoyed the privilege of choice—be it higher studies, occupation or life partner, and for this, she is grateful to her foremothers for paving the way!

She went to the same college as her father. She joined the same industry as her mother and brother and have fought hard to carve her own identity within it.

She learned to do things by herself during her college days in Oxford. Beautifully explained in the below lines:

You can make a genuine and lasting connection with people if you can accept, embrace and simply be who you are. But first, you have to find yourself. And sometimes you need to travel 6000 kilometers to do that.”

She dedicates the book to her daughter Inaaya and ends the book with lines for her daughter –

“Above all, I hope that she will learn that it doesn’t matter if she chooses a public or private life; if she becomes an actor, athlete, activist or stay-at-home mother; if she becomes famous—moderately or outrageously—or not. What matters is that she is where she wants to be and that she is happy.”

The book is all about anecdotes in her life. Loved the way she has penned down her life.





































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