Book Review: The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Welcome to the Book of Magic…

Beautifully written. The Magic Misfits is the author’s middle-grade debut.

Be magical – By reading this, you can learn magic tricks too which I loved the most. I tried the tricks with the children, they enjoyed the most and kept them wondering how could I do it.

A boy named Carter who believes Magic is a Trick – starts believing magic exists. It takes us on the roller coaster ride of how the boy ran away from his uncle, his loneliness, how he copes in a new city with new friends and his magic lessons. He and his friends are called as Misfits by people. How an adventure unfolds between the Misfits who are very honest with their tricks and among the people who cheat others by pickpocketing with their magic.

The transition he goes through from learning tricks from his uncle to how he masters magic.

I loved the author’s sense of humor and liveliness.

It portrays on magic, loneliness, friendship, and teamwork.

The Magic of True Friends is that even apart, they can’t long be cut off from what lives in the heart. If you work together and stay true to one another, nothing will bar you.

Real Magic exists. You just had to know where to look.

Awesome book about magic and magicians…

Awaiting for the next part to release to experience the journey of Magic Misfits again…








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