My Journey with Author Preeti Shenoy

In the year 2014, I was returning home from work and walking in the streets of Indira Nagar, Bangalore. I was stressed out with hectic work schedule at that point in time. When I was walking towards Metro, I saw an orange cover book with a girl leaping with her umbrella and book title was ‘Life is what you make it’. The cover attracted me and I felt it was saying to me’ Take and Read this Book and you will feel much better.’


From the moment I stepped at home, I was so engrossed with the book. Impressed by the author’s simple way of writing. The Book was about a girl with Bipolar disorder. I felt so relieved and good after reading this book. It made me realize that in spite of all the life’s struggles, the life should go on.

I started ordering her books online and paperback. Each time I read her books, I fell in love with the author’s way of expressing the realities of life and eagerly waited for her next book release. All her books focus on the life realities which all people can relate to or might have experienced.

I used to browse and read a lot of articles, blogs, books, etc in my leisure time. I came upon Preethi Shenoy’s blog post and followed her posts. Her Blog post brought out positivity in me and taught me to find joy in small things around me. The posts inspired me to start writing blogs. Thus, my hidden talent for writing came into existence.

She is a Multitalented personality. She is a Mother, Animal Lover, Paints, draw pictures, read, writes, speaker, social worker and loves gardening. She is a person who follows her heart and her passion. She is active on Social Media Network and takes her time off from busy schedules to interact with her readers.

I had my first interaction with her during her promotions of the latest book,’ A Hundred Little Flames’

The Interactions I had with her in Social media was for the following:

  1. Crossword Puzzle
  2. 5 Emotions, 5 Days, 1 Book
  3. Amazon review of the book
  4. Quiz about how well you know about the book
  5. Show the book your love with our selfie with the book
  6. Bangalore Bookstore visit – Higginbothams Store

In my blog writing post, I summarized what the author discussed about 5 emotions in 5 days in the topic ‘ Life’s Emotions’. It was so sweet of her to mention it to readers when she was live on Instagram the instant she saw my name popped up. That was a wonderful moment for me.

She has been consistently nominated for the Forbes List of the 100 most influential celebrities in India since 2013, and also was honored with Indian of the Year award by Brands Academy. She is a down to earth person though she has her recognition worldwide.

Even my daughter likes her as she has seen me reading her books. She looks for the back cover where the author’s photo is. She likes her friendly smile and loves her personality.

I was longing to meet her in person. God answered my prayers. The Day has arrived.

I saw the author message in social media as follows:

Bengaluru! Meet me today!

1.00         Bookworm Church St

1.15         Blossoms Church St

1.30         Gangarams Church Street

1.45         Higginbotham MG Rd

2.15        Sapna Book House, Residency Rd

3.30        Landmark, Forum Mall, Koramangala

4.00        Sapna Book House Koramangala

4.15        Gift Book House, Koramangala

When I am getting a chance to meet her, I should make it happen.

I told my daughter that I am going to meet her. Is she joining me?

Without any hesitation, she said Sure Momma, I would love to meet her. I am coming with you. Let me make a handmade card for her. She started working on her card.

On Dec 9th, I and my daughter started from home at 12.30 pm. We had to travel by road and in the metro to the destination Higginbothams, M G Road. As Bangalore is famous for its traffic jams, we were stuck for almost 45 min in traffic. I just made up my mind that if I couldn’t meet her at Higginbothams, I will meet at her next scheduled destination at Residency Road. We caught metro by 1.50 pm and reached the bookstore at 2.05 pm.

We went inside the store but couldn’t find her. My heart skipped a beat. I was bit confused as to whether I have missed her or she is yet to arrive. I didn’t lose hope. I enquired the officials, they said she is expected to arrive. I was relieved. I and my daughter are avid book readers, we started browsing through the books at the store.

When we were walking towards the front room after about 5 minutes of browsing, the door opened. I could see the author and her daughter stepping into the store. It was an awestruck moment for me. I could hear my heartbeats louder and no words to express the moment. She was like an ordinary person with a casual and friendly nature. She didn’t make me feel she is a celebrity. I introduced myself and my daughter. We had a brief conversation with her. She has a good memory – she could remember that I was the first person to review her book on Amazon. My daughter handed over her handmade card. She acknowledged her card and told her that she will keep it safely in her file which is maintained by her. It was a proud moment for me.


I love to have more conversations with her but as she had to interact with other readers present there and sign the book copies, I had to let go. All our efforts in meeting her did not go in vain. I was feeling at the top of the world. I was pinching my hand whether to know is it real or is it a dream.

On 10th Dec at 1 pm, I was watching her BBC world interview with Rebecca Jones at home. It made me wonder whether is this the same person whom I had met yesterday. She is a Gem of a Person.

In the brilliant Interview, She made me feel emotional when she was sad while reading her blog post about her father. It brought a smile to my face when she smiled.

It also shows how the strong and positive person she is. How did she succeed in spite of coping with rejections/ failures? It also takes us on her journey of life and her books and the transition from a blogger to a writer.

Moments Captured:

Excerpts from the Interview:

  • She advises all aspiring writers to read and write more.
  • Her books bring emotional connect to the readers.
  • A writer should have the courage to stand up and say I have written it. Belief in oneself is more important.
  • Equal rights for men and women. Women should speak up for what they believe in.
  • She started writing blogs and wrote about what you see in everyday life- Rainbows, Sunrise, etc. Find Joy in Small things. It gave her hope and joy during her emotional journey of life.
  • She writes what interests her/passionate about.
  • She accessed knowledge by reading a lot.
  • All should have the strength to overcome what may be the circumstances, life is not easy.
  • She changes the characters as the core is more important derived from experiences/reality.
  • If the readers interested in serious writing, they have to read her short stories which are dark and no redemption. If they are interested in happy endings, they have to read her books.

Her Books:

  1. 34 Bubblegums and Candies:              It is a Collection of short, real-life incidents that have inspired the author in the course of her life.
  2. Life is What you Make it:                     It speaks about the Bipolar disorder.
  3.  Tea for two and a piece of cake:        It speaks about Life full of Imperfections.
  4. The Secret Wishlist:                              It speaks about Quest of finding the true self and battling with the external world.
  5. The One You cannot Have:                  It speaks about Arranged Marriages.
  6. It Happens for a Reason:                     It speaks about love for animals.
  7. It’s All in the Planets:                           It speaks about Destiny.
  8. A Hundred Little Flames:                    It speaks about Unconditional Love and  Finding oneself.


Awesome lines by the author: ” Bubblegum is we chew, extract something out from it and discard it. Candy is little sweet nothing which you swallow and feel good about it. Anything can happen to us. Life is like that. Every incident can either be classified as Bubblegum or Candy.”


Let the number of years you have lived not be a reminder of how old you are, but a medal of everything you have been through in Life. Keep Rocking 🙂 









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