Life’s Emotions…

My favorite author Preethi Shenoy conducted Facebook and Instagram Interaction Live with her readers on account of her new book ‘A Hundred Little Flames’ releasing on 10th November.

Her Interactive session was about 5 Emotions in 5 days about 1 book from 3rd to 7th November 2017 every day at 12 noon. Her sessions were inspiring and thought-provoking. I felt wonderful by participating in all the sessions and the points she discussed can be applied in our daily lives too.

Topics were as below:

3rd November – Happiness

4th November – Unconditional Love

5th November – Frustration/ Anger

6th November – Friendship

7th November – Trust

1. Happiness: Is it possible to be happy when a huge tragedy has struck?

A huge tragedy befalls to 26-year-old Ayan and he is sent to live with his grandfather in the village. Is it possible to be really happy in the face of huge tragedy? He manages to find happiness. Find out in the book how he finds the happiness.

Happiness is alone time – When I am the real me. You cannot make others happy always but ourselves. Be content with yourself. Happiness is a state of mind. Enjoying every moment of life without any expectations. If we have a support system around us, they might not be around always but we can control ourselves in whatever we do and makes us happy from within. Focus only on the positives. Immerse in hobbies which gives you joy on a regular basis. Happiness is accepting and knowing whatever happens to you – whether happy or sad –  Remember ‘This too shall pass’ as the motto. Sad moments burn within us and hurt us deeply. It is important to take time off if you are sad and nurture your soul consistently.

2.  Unconditional Love:  Whose Love is unconditional in your life?

In the book, Ayan’s father is domineering and his father is never happy with him. No matter whatever Ayan does, his father is not at all happy with him.

The first kind of love which comes to our mind is that of our parents. No matter whatever you do, the person who always love you. Humans are really capable of unconditional love. Unconditional love can also be received from animals. The purest love between mother and child is a wonderful and closest example of  Unconditional love that brings smiles and happiness to your faces. Expectations kill unconditional love. Situations make love unconditional.

3.  Frustration / Anger: Where Control is Minimum

Is it good to get angry with ourselves if it acts as a performance enhancer? Anger is a part of lives and something which all of us should learn to manage it. Anger can be avoided by pausing our feelings temporarily. Being angry is sometimes useful because you will be taken very seriously and solve the problem very quickly. Anger is necessary for a relationship because you care about the person. Control anger by stepping back and reflecting which is enlightening.

4.  Friendship: One of the purest relationship

The essential thing in friendship is Sharing.  Friendship depends on trust and respect. Daily interferences may keep friends apart in current scenario and they contact depending on their priorities. Friends who help you grow, accept you for what you are and still be there for you. When friends are silent, you will long to hear from them. Friends are next to parents and parents can be your friends too. Whom we are comfortable with even in silence. No matter how busy you are, if you want to be in touch with friends, you will always make a time. It’s all about prioritizing. False friends come with false sympathy when you have problems. Unconditional friendship is one to have. Best friends come when there are no expectations from both sides. True friends support you and tell you that unpleasant truth what you don’t want to hear. Cherish your friends.

5. Trust: Which is earned when action meets words.

When trust is not there, the relationship won’t survive. Trust is the building stone of every relationship. Trust is blind belief that a person won’t harm you and let you down in anyway. Trust in a relationship not only by words but also in actions. Trust is like money.  Once it’s folded, it will have the same value but marks remain. If parents break child’s trust, a child will be devastated. They are humans too and can make mistakes, we have to forgive them.

These are the vital points discussed on the above topics.

The author is a very down-to-earth person and she patiently answered the questions posed to her on both Instagram and Facebook pages in spite of her busy schedules. I am lucky that she answered my questions live and made me feel good.

Wishing her all success in her new book and eagerly waiting to read it…






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