Timely Help

On a cloudy day, I was drinking tea enjoying the nature’s beauty. Suddenly I noticed two pigeons on a tree. One of the Pigeon’s legs were stuck on the branches by a thread and other bird in distress not knowing what to do. The bird was struggling to untie itself but in vain. By seeing this, I took a long stick whichever I could find in hurry to unhook the bird and went down as it was painful for me to see the bird struggling so hard to be free. I couldn’t reach the heights where the bird had got stuck. As an alternative, I ran to where the security guard is and asked him to help pointing at the bird on top of the tree. He saw the bird, nodded his head, went off searching for something and didn’t turn up. I was looking up at the bird thinking what to be done. I came back home, asked my hubby to help. He said not to worry, took the long sticks available in the house, planned to climb the tree with the help of the fence in the outskirts for saving the bird. We locked the house and went down. When we reached down, we saw the security guard and his assistant with a very long bamboo stick trying to save the bird. In few seconds, it got its freedom.  I was feeling very happy to have given life to the bird by providing timely help…



The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others…


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