Book Review: Served with Love By Priyanka Menon



Wonderful Story Served with Love….

The book takes us on a roller coaster emotions of love, tragedy, twist, separation and a happy ending. Abhimanyu and Pakhi’s love for food makes the reader mouth water. Their places of visit in Kolkata and Jaipur is described in such a way that it can be felt through author’s description. Childs innocence and cuteness captured in the character of Abhithi.

Pakhi Portrayed as a Strong woman who sacrificed her career for the sake of niece and only this bundle of joy mattered now is worth mentioning. Her dedication to work, her attachment towards family – her dad and Abhithi, and how she needs both Abhimanyu’s love and also to be with niece.

The deep bond between Abhimanyu and his grandfather – The two men were more like friends or brothers. Abhimanyu’s interaction with Abhithi – enjoying each other’s company. The book makes the reader feel the emotions. Includes a cute love story of dada and dadi.

The author creates interesting characters that you invest in emotionally.

Strong Family Oriented and pure love story in a simple narration.


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