Preethi Shenoy – People’s Gem

preeti-shenoy-writer-on-forbes-listAs I walked in the road lanes, I noticed my first book ‘ Life is what you make it’ in a shop with her name on it.

I liked the book a lot which inspired me to read all her books up to date. The impact her books made on me every time I read them is something I can’t explain.

She is an All-rounder – Photography, Painting, Portraits, Quilled work, Writing, Animal Lover, Walking/Fitness Freak, Speaker, Novelist with 8 bestselling titles, Columnist and Mom to a dog and two adults.

Down to earth and a cool person. She as a person and her books bring positive vibes in me. She has allegedly given the readers a vision of life through her books which are meaningful.

She is active on social medias. She is a gem, one in a billion among the authors in interacting with the readers and making people so special by taking her time off from her hectic schedules which are a distinctive feature compared to others.

She rewards herself by going for an outing if she fulfills a certain number of words in writing novels. She is disciplined in writing and she is my favorite.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Her inspiration is from anything!! From daily life, from things she sees around her, things she hears about. Her blogs are breathtaking about principles of life, her creativity, her day to day life, and also about how to write a novel/book which motivates budding writers to achieve their passion.

She has received the Indian of the year award along with other eminent personalities. Congratulations to her and I wish her to continue with the miraculous writing.

It takes determination, hard work & sweat that’s what I have learned from her!

If you are good at something, you tell people about that but when you are great at something, they will tell you!






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