Book Review: You are the Best wife – Ajay K Pandey


A roller coaster journey of life…

I loved reading the book. As it’s author’s personal experience of life which he has written in the book, it makes u feel so emotional by the end. Love for family, struggles the author and his wife go through to make ends meet for their marriage and what all they have to go through after marriage is beautifully depicted. The quotes: It’s easy to make friends but difficult to keep them and it’s the quality of the moments which matters not the quantity, stands out in the book. The emotional journey of how the author accepts the life and lives for the happiness of others as per his wife’s desires so that the life goes on for the sake of family and also helping the society by starting the foundation for orphanage people.
The Book inspires the people to live the moment.
I have started reading the second book ‘ Her Last Wish’  as I loved the first book a lot.

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