When my daughter was 4 months old, I started working again after my maternity leave. She was taken care by grandparents.

From Monday to Friday, I would go to office by 8 am and come at night around 8 to 8.30 pm sometimes by 9 pm. Hardly I get time with her. But on Saturdays and Sundays, I make sure that I spend time with her.

My inner mind wants to spend more time with my baby. Sometimes the work exhaustion never gives me a chance.

At the office, I can’t concentrate on my job when she is sick or cranky as she is a part of me. She gives me a call from parents phone and says ” Love you, Momma. Come soon in the evening”. Always I break her hope by coming at night. I feel guilty for not keeping her promise.

I missed her first crawl, her first walk, her naughtiness and her activities.I would get to know about all what she did from parents, friends, and neighbors and I would wish to be with her.

This was routinely followed. The only time I get to spend with her was when I go to native for 2 weeks as I took some days off from the office.

As a sensitive child, she grew up with the utmost care from me, hubby and our parents.

When she was five years old:

During May month-end, Parents had an emergency and had to go for native. I and hubby decided to put her in the creche as both couldn’t take leave in office as we had month-end pressures and targets to achieve.

She cried when I left her in the creche in the mornings and also when she is picked up from there during late evenings as she is afraid of darkness.

After 2 days, she begged me to stay at home rather than putting her in daycare. Hubby and I  sacrificed our day’s work at the office to take care of her and to ensure that she is not alone at home. Many people suggested us to keep maids but we don’t have trust in them.

As days went by, I could see some changes in her.She was scared of people, not going out to play and not confident about herself. She in her own world, always thinking of something in her mind. She stopped eating proper food.She closed her doors from mingling with people and would wait for me to open up.As a mother, I was getting worried when I see her.

When her school reopened, she used to cry every day for a month asking me to stay at home and she needs me.I couldn’t go through the situation and I couldn’t see my child gloomy.To put an end to the struggle, I quit my job for being with her.My daughter overwhelmed with joy and gave me a lot of kisses and hugs.

Currently, I am doing a part time job work from home. I am by her side whenever she needs me.My daughter’s life is back to normal.Her confidence, intelligence, mingling with people, playing with all age groups, doing her homework on time, being creative and eating her food very well.

My moments with her can be treasured forever and I have got my precious moments which I felt was lost.She gave me a card saying ‘Thank You and I am very happy you are at home.’ I am speechless and brought tears to my eyes. I am enjoying every moment with my sweetie by my side.

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