Attitude of a Young Boy…

I am enjoying the cool breeze in the balcony amidst the relief from the heat as the sun sets in. I happened to see a group of boys in the age group of 10-15 years playing a game of football. I am excited to see the enthusiasm in them for the game.

After about half an hour, one of the boys kicked the ball so high that it fell in the balcony of the 1st floor where there is no one staying . There is a bit of confusion among them as to how to get the ball out. The boys were asking the security guard and the association office bearers for the extra keys as the owner, not in town. They were hesitant to give it to them without prior approval from the owner.

I could notice that the boys have divided them into different groups – One group keen on getting the keys, the second group to get another ball to play and the third group trying their own ways out to get the ball as it is visible to them on the ground.

A young boy had a eureka moment. He came out with an idea and suggested taller boy from the group to bend down so that he can climb on him and get the ball. The taller boy agreed but in vain. The Second group came back with a new ball to play. They started to play football but the little boy from the group was restless and wanted to find out a way to get the ball out.

He took a break from playing and sits near the entrance removing his shoes. Then, a delivery van came by and parked in front of the boy where he is sitting. His only thought is to get the ball out from the balcony. I presume he might be the owner of the ball. By noticing his restlessness, the other boys stopped their play and accompanied him.

Out of sudden, by noticing the delivery van, another idea struck him. He shared his idea with his play companions. They all totally agreed to it. All of them went running to the van driver and told him that they have lost the ball and needs his assistance. The driver felt pity for them as they were begging him to help and agreed to their idea.

The driver backed off his van and parked right below the balcony.  The group had a discussion as to who will climb the van. No one was willing. But the active young boy took the initiative to climb on top of the van and raced himself to reach the ball. But the balcony grills prevented him from taking the ball. The ball was just missed and it went farther away from him. He climbed the grills carefully and threw the ball down to his friends.

He breathes a sigh of relief in getting the ball.  He then tried his efforts to climb down from grills as his shorts were getting stuck. He never gave up and tried repeatedly.  At last, he succeeded in climbing down to the van and off to the ground. His friends patted him for his accomplishment and the young boy’s happiness knew no bounds.

Lo, lo and behold. Mission Accomplished.

All the boys resumed to their game of football.

I was pleased to find out his confidence, his braveness, his creative ideas and never give up attitude in that young boy.

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