10 GOLDEN Steps of Life… VIKRMN

  1. They are victorious… who dare not to give up:  Quit giving up. You face failure, not the moment you are defeated, but the moment you give up fighting. If you make a mistake, it’s ok. At least you tried. Fall a thousand times; get up a thousand and one. Quit thinking negative. If you fail, it’s fine. Sow another idea or refine the same one; irrigate it with perseverance and cultivate it with the manure of faith. The harvest would be the fruit of success. If you think you can’t do it, you are right. If you think you can do it, you are right. When the wind is against you, be like a kite; have your chord of faith rooted and you would fly higher than ever.Those who love doing things without bothering for credits are the real winners. They don’t care about one or two golden eggs that people steal, for they have the factory.Ebbs and flows are a part of life, and they remind you who you are, where you have come from and where you can go.Learn to lose, wade to win. If you win, people will quote your examples; if you lose, you can guide others on how not to paddle.The ladder of success is made from nails of patience.Success is like an umbrella. It has wires of faith holding it together. It has no meaning if there is no rain.Never get confused between quitting and giving up. Quitting is giving something up; giving up is quitting everything.

2. Quit the rat race… to lead your own:

Take a break, for you are not made to win this rat race. Try something different, something unique; something worth failing, worth falling.Being different is the same as being same.You can lie to all but one, yourself.One of the most mistaken corporate rules is survival of the fittest “spoon”, the one who is obsequious. Those who follow it, reach nowhere.“5 Ups of life: Buckle up, Start up, Keep it up, Don’t give up, Cheer up.”Always give your best. It doesn’t always mean you would get back the best. But that doesn’t mean you give up giving your best. Trying something different won’t ensure that you would be liked by everyone. But still… Go on…Be innovative. If you don’t like it the way it is and you think that you have a better way, then implement it. If you are prevented from implementing it, find a better company, or start your own business. “Quit being change-phobic.” If the roads to your dreams are not there already, dreams would make them. Coal mines, like a hard life, have seen the best diamonds of innovation, more than any jewel factory.

3. Own your way… your own way:

Sometimes life is like a vacuum cleaner. you know what it does. all you need to do is kick the power plug, take the charge and… Define your Destiny.Never give the charge of your life in the hands of others; you’ll get screwed and people would enjoy it. Life is like a guitar. So hold the guitar of your destiny, and play it well. Don’t depend on others. If you believe in something, do it.Drive, or get driven by change.Don’t just be yourself, evolve yourself.If no one else can be you, then why to be someone else?A self-made struggling person is a lot better than the one living a fake life successfully.If it rains during the sunshine, don’t worry; you’ll see your rainbow.“You carve your own destiny.”A single day, good or bad, will not define your journey. You are defined by the never-give-up attitude that you carry at all times.Life as a defeated warrior with dignity is a lot better than the king ruling without it.You are born the day you find the purpose of your life. Before that, you just exist.The only person standing between your dreams and your success is you.To be better than the best, make perfection your addiction.

4. Karma haunts. Be good, do good:

May your Profit & Loss account of deeds for humanity be in profits; for you have to present your balance sheet on the Judgment Day.Kindness is the basic ingredient for the recipe of happiness.Good things happen to good people; have faith. Happiness is… forgiving the mistake of others and apologizing for yours.Karma haunts. You’ll get back, directly or indirectly, what you do to others.Reacting to someone’s harsh words is like playing with the chewing-gum thrown by someone.Forgive people because you believe in a life larger than revenge.When you make someone happy, especially the unhappy ones, that moment you define humanity.Happiness is… capturing the pictures called moments, from the lens called experiences, with the camera called vision, on the canvas called life.

5. Life is like a guitar: Tune. Play. Repeat.

Life is like a guitar and the combination of chords are called moments. Playing them is called living the moments.Live life full time.Behind every successful flight, lies the will, full of thrust, against the wind; the will to win.The will to win comes only when people enjoy the things they do and to enjoy the things, rules of the guitar can be an apt example.  Tune. Play. Repeat.

a) Tune:

First, you need to tune yourself. You need to prepare yourself before you start anything or something new. The same rule also applies when you re-start something old with a new style or method or say a grand invention. You win, not by defeating others, but by performing better than before. The best way to check what you want is to first imagine that you have nothing and then check if the thing you want really matters to you. Your priorities would change; your wishes would change for sure.Whatever you do, do it with passion; learn new things, set new standards. If you fall down, get up; just get going, non-stop. This is how dreams come true.Negativity pierces determination like rust. Stay coated with faith and confidence. Once you are tuned, the next door would open up by itself.

b) Play:

Play your heart out. The only person standing between your dreams and making them a reality is you. So you and only you need to play it. Make mistakes flawlessly, and improve progressively. Don’t spend more than 10% of your time learning from the past, and 20% planning for the future. Live in the present, act NOW to fulfill the dreams you plan. Change is growth, the movement is change; keep moving, keep growing.

c) Repeat:

The moment you stop and look around, you will get to know that you have so many small moments full of happiness. So just be thankful, as many others don’t have these moments. There are also some who do, but can’t visualize them; and even some who have, but can’t appreciate them.Gift yourself a break to sit back and relax. Cherish the moments that you felt while playing the tunes straight from your heart. Dream and sleep. The best gift to give yourself is to just be yourself, and improving on the person that you were yesterday.

When problems come, stay calm under these two situations:  One, when you know you can solve them, so smile; two, when you know you can’t do anything to change it, so be calm.

Once you have taken some time off, done with your analysis of how you have performed, rewarded yourself a cookie or two for your hard work, get back to business: repeat.

6.Tame the time… before it tames you:

Let yourself be the disciple of time and see how the beautiful world of your dreams emerges around you.

First: Whatever time you don’t use, won’t stay with you.

Second: If you give your valuable time to others and others like it, they would give you their valuable time and love.

Third: If you give your valuable time to the person in genuine need, even if you don’t get anything material in return, that shall give you happiness.

Fourth: If you waste time, you would have to further spend your tomorrow in repairing the loss occurred due to wasted time.

Fifth: If you don’t know how to manage or put your time to value, get advice from experienced ones.

Making someone smile would make your day. From the day you had nothing to when you get something big or say everything, is the period you live your life at the best. Keep evolving. Passion rejuvenates. May you live long, but suppose it’s your last day in this world. Any regrets you would have for the things you didn’t do? List them, for these are your dreams. Start living them.

Time slips by. Just five minutes spent towards achieving your goal every day would gradually increase to two hours of dedication within one month. You would never regret having given those five minutes to your dream then.

7.  Friendship is divine… think anything, get everything:

Friends understand the unsaid words, no matter if they are silent for years. Family members are the first friends and friends are like the second family. The right person, who feels like being there with you, will be with you. Stop insisting the wrong ones. Friends are like flowers. They carry the fragrance called happiness.The rule of friendship is no rules in friendship.Choose friends carefully and wisely. Find the ones who connect with your heart, who actually understand you, even if you don’t put your thoughts in words.

Friends are like camcorders of your life. They see the track you follow and the destination you are heading towards. Consult them, share with them, ask them, blame them, irritate them, smile with them, cry with them, talk nonsense, and laugh. Friendship is divine.

8. Be with parents, always; for they spend their whole life for your better life:

Sometimes, a father becomes the most emotional mom on earth; and mother, the strongest dad. Parents were always there when you were growing up, so be with them while they grow old.

The longest tenured first LOVE and greatest TEACHER, in fact, lifelong, is none other than the Mother. Dad will be dad. Sometimes he is strict, but he loves silently, for his care is wrapped up in all the hard work he does to give his children a great bringing up.

This universe is an ocean of happiness where distance is measured in SPH (Smiles Per Hour). So spread that happiness at home first, starting with your parents. Play with them all of the small games that they used to teach you in your childhood. Hug them often, take them out on a date, learn something new with them so that they get that pleasure to guide you again, so that they live their first year of parenthood again.

9. Rise in love with passion, for falling is the old fashion:

Happiness is… rising in LOVE, in spite of gravity. If it’s just the dinner, it’s about the food and place; if it’s love, it’s about the person you go with. To love unconditionally and commit selflessly is divinity. Love doesn’t mean to possess; sometimes you have to let the love go. If that is for the happiness of the person you love, let it be.

Life is like a novel, divided into chapters. When you complete one, move on. Don’t cling on to a sad chapter for long. Either you learn from or you are taught by the PEOPLE. In case people call you an emotional fool, then say this: Emotional fool? Yes, I am. That’s lot better than emotionally constipated machines; the so-called practical human beings. Silent words are heard through the eyes.

Life is all about… Giveaways and Takeaways: Life is all about takeaways from the great people and giveaways to the needy. Life should be balanced.

Life is also based on entries of giving and taking that are recorded somewhere, no one knows where. It can be proved here because you know it’s true somewhere in the back of your mind. Because you acknowledge that since you did something at one point in time, now this is happening to you, etc.

When someone brings love in your life, give them your heart.You get happiness when you help someone. Courage is the only currency, where the more you spend, the richer you become by earning respect. A room full of success has doors called failures. If people tell you that you can’t do it, then it actually means that they can’t do it.

10. Start NOW… for it expires second by second:

The best day to start anything is TODAY; and the best time, NOW. The problem with time is that it never comes back. There is no such phenomenon called ‘the right time’ because time is always right; it’s the thoughts, situations or the people that are wrong or dubious. The biggest regret a few years down the line would be… I wish I could. So dare to do what you dream of… NOW.

The World changes with that one tiny step. Dare it NOW….

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