Summer Vacations…

Yippee… Summer vacations have begun…

My entire body throbs with excitement – it is palpable as I resonate to that tune. It’s been a long time since I last had these long vacations and it’ll be a welcome relief from my monotonous routine.

My earlier summer vacations, as far back as my mind takes me, were get-togethers with my cousins in my native place. There were also, albeit seldom, trips to a different destination.

In my younger days, whenever I went to my native place for my vacation, I’d have fun with my cousins who had also come there to enjoy their holidays. I’d run around in the fields, swim in the pond, climb trees and pluck fruits, play non-stop with all, have yummy food, listen to bedtime stories our great- grandma would narrate before I went to sleep and later chit-chat in whispers with my cousins. Our grandparents’ eagerness to know about how we had all performed in our school exams; praising us for good results while also standing by us for all our naughtiness to make sure that we weren’t scolded or spanked by our parents are memories that are etched permanently in my memory.

As time went by and I grew up, Dad took my brother and me to different destinations in India. He and I would eagerly wait for the anticipated adventure trips to enjoy these vacations to the full. Thanks to Dad and Mom, for, without them, I would not have had the privilege to visit most places in India.

Every good in life is counterbalanced by the effort taken to achieve that good. In my case, from the time I reached the 9th standard till my post graduation, I didn’t have the option of even thinking of vacations. My focus was on studies. I then moved into the corporate world where I could take only a maximum of 2 weeks off, a luxury reluctantly offered by the hierarchy. A wide world of responsibilities cropped up after marriage and motherhood.

After a decade, here I am, on a vacation again in my hometown. Being with my parents after a long duration is my biggest vacation ever. Their unmitigated Love, Care, Affection and Support keeps you going. They cannot help but reach out and get involved in every aspect – shopping, going to places, eating out, pearls of advice and motivation to accomplishment. Still treating me as their small child and guiding me. C’est la vie.

I credit my parents who gave me my feeling of self-worth. I am enjoying my being with them and hope to have more such vacations with them…

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  1. Good. Follow life’s simple rule… Live the present. My take on life.. Life is a coin in which one side is always a positive and happy side.. Many a times we look only the other side.. Let’s realise and look at the happy side and stay positive


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