Crazy and Lovely Evening…

We met for the first time just as it was our destiny to meet without prior invitation.

Standing by the roadside, we were chatting with each other not knowing what’s going on around us, but we were only in giggles and laughs.

Suddenly remembering that we were scheduled to meet a close friend, we started our crazy ride in the scooter with lots of stories to tell and catch up over the years.

We reached the destination just in time and had our precious time together with the close friend and cherishing the moments with her in a lively manner with smiles, laughter and crazy talks.

When it was time to depart, we bide our sweet friend goodbye until we meet again.

We were back to our crazy rides to reach home as we used to in our college days.

When we reached home, we were questioned how long we know each other

We were stunned to know that we are meeting after 15 years.

Time passes by, but still, our friendship is same and crazy.

Good Times and Crazy Friends makes Amazing Memories…

I am blessed to have the privilege to meet both my crazy friends today and thank you crazies for a wonderful evening I had.





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