Thank You…

I can’t believe it. . . This is my 50th post. . .

I’ve had this indescribable urge within me to write, but invariably fell afoul of time.

But then I found myself reading! I truly love reading blogs and articles.

Realisation dawns. Hey, if I can read then I can write. I just need to manage my time better and write, even if sporadically.

“Get down to it, Anu,” I reproach myself.

Some days back, I chanced upon a blog by a well known author. I scanned it excitedly for pearls of wisdom, but strangely, found nothing of note. Even worse, it was crammed with bumph! It’s an odd feeling, believe me, finding a reputed writer pushing out crap.

Looking back, that was my moment of truth. That was when I finally decided to pen my thoughts through my blog ‘Thought is Free’.

Thank You to all my readers for both positive and negative strokes, constructive criticism, sharing your views, taking time off in spite of busy schedules to assist me and also for suggesting new topics to write about.

I want to thank my better half for his unstinted support in letting me follow my passion and for his guidance in my initial blogs.

Dedicated to my hubby

You’ve always made sure that my priorities come first

You’ve been the one to mollify every emotional outburst

You’ve always made all my dreams and wishes your own

You’ve ensured that I’ve never been sad or forlorn

You’ve always been my pillar of strength

You’re the force that drives me

You’re the power within me

You’re the courage instilled in me

You’re the true zest in my life

Thanks for always being by my side

To you, I owe my life and much more that that

Without you, I am nothing and that will always be a fact.



4 thoughts on “Thank You…

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  1. Wow.. wonderful Anu. Keep up the great work.. Hope with the level of support you get from your hubby, you will soon become a notable writer publishing great books.. All the very best..


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