Awesome Evening with my soul sister….

My Soul Sister had come all the way from Mysore to Bangalore to celebrate little munchkin’s birthday and also to spend time with me and with her family members.

Little One’s Birthday Party was scheduled at 6 p.m. Theme was Mickey Mouse. We started from home at around 5 p.m. and reached the venue at 6.45 pm. I was a bit tensed whether we have missed the cake cutting.

I was overwhelmed by the decorations in the Hall and was excited to meet my soul sister. I could see the stalls with popcorn, tattoo, DJ, Juice corner and snacks corner while I was searching for her.

A familiar wide smile welcomed me amidst the crowd. From the day I have known her, I have always seen her happy and giggling  hiding her sorrows behind. She always advises me,been with me in my life like my elder sister and is an absolute down to earth and a gem of a person.

She inquired us how did we come to the venue and how we all are. After that, I met her mom and dad who are very friendly and caring. While we were speaking, aunty told us that the relationship we share between us gives her the strength, support and help her to move her life forward. I was very happy and feel blessed to hear that.

She and I have always made it a point to make time for each other or meet wherever we are. We are in constant touch either through message, calls or whats app.

In the party event, there was a magic show. Its been years have I seen a Magic show. We all enjoyed the magic show and I was lucky to be part of the show sharing the stage with the performer. He was kind enough to speak in English when I told him I don’t understand Kannada. Due to the light flash on the stage, I couldn’t see the audience but she was watching me and giggling at the enthusiasm I was showing on stage.

After Magic Show, we cut the huge cake with a lovely Mickey Mouse cartoon embossed on it. Later we had an awesome traditional dinner, which is a rarity nowadays.

On the whole, I had an awesome evening with both her family members and my family.

I didn’t feel like bidding goodbye to her and her little one, but had to leave as the travel back to home was some 30 k.m., and it would take around 2 hours to reach home.


We’ve shared so much laughter, shared so many tears. We’ve a spiritual kinship that grows through the years. We’re not sisters by birth, but we knew from the start. God brought us together to be sisters by heart.




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