Soulmate – The End….

Sanjana arrives at Mumbai.

She tries to contact him again and again. But his phone is switched off.She gets angry as there is no response. She has her weirdest thoughts.

On one side, she is frustrated and concludes all boys are the same, as they treat love as a time-pass and she also thinks  he is also behaving like them. On the other side, she scans through all his social networks for any updates.  On his birthday, she finds all the wishes pouring out from many people in facebook but there is no sign of an update about him.

One day, as she was watching TV, she finds a news about ABC company,  about Company’s  bankruptcy and some financial issues with Sanjay. She was shocked  to hear the news as  she has full faith in him and knows he will not do anything of that sort. She prays to God daily that he calls her, at least she can know what’s happening  and what the rumors are all about. She is lost in her own thoughts and she is unable to pay attention to her professional nor personal life. She realizes how much he means to her.

After  2 months of wait, her friends takes her  out for shopping for a change for her. As she was shopping, she receives a phone call from a new number. She ignores the call. Again, her phone rings. She picks it up and hears a familiar voice. She  keeps her ears very close to the phone to make sure whether she is  hearing the voice which she had missed for ages. A feeble voice from the other side said hello. She could sense his tensed tone. She pops many questions at him, how is he, where was he for so long and why didnt he contact her and she becomes emotional.

He asks her first to relax and shares his story with her. After his return from Singapore, there were lot of issues in his company and his MD, Sanjay agrawal ran away with the company money. As he shares the same name, people mistook him and police was after him. His family and relatives asked him to go out of state and to keep his phone switched off at home as the location can be tracked. He forgot to note down her contact number in hurry. He went to Hyderabad for job prospects but was in vain. Once he came to know that he is clear from issues, he returned back to Mumbai. He made sure he gets a new sim card and then call her as he doesn’t want her to get into any trouble because of him.

By hearing his story, she understood that he  is a very special person to her and she loves him to the core.She asks him whether he is willing to meet. He replies  to wait for few days until he settles with his new job as he don’t want to pressurize her with his problems and even if they meet, he wont be able to spend enough time with her. She agrees. She prays to god daily for him to get a good job and helps him in getting job prospects wherever she could.

After 2 weeks of vigorous search, he gets placed in a good company. As a surprise, he goes to meet her in office.

Sanjana’s Intercom rings.  Receptionist on the other end tells  her ‘Madam, Sanjay has come to meet you.’ Her happiness knew no bounds. Leaving her work, she runs off to see him. He tells her about his job placement. She asks for treat. He requests whether she can join him for rest of the day. She smiles, and asks her boss for rest of her day off. They go on for a long drive in the bike. Both have fun, enjoys each other’s company by going to  a mall, discotheque , theater, shopping and also dinner. At the time of departure, when he drops her home, she confesses her love to him. He asks her ‘Will you Marry me?’ and  she says ‘Yes’.

 2 years later:

Both are still in love as they were before.They understands each other so well even in their highs and lows and have a lovely girl child.

Sanjana has a petty fight with Sanjay. Sanjay on his way to office, sends her a  message  “Don’t be angry, and don’t forget to wear your smile. One smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes mine “. She smiles shyly and it brings her back to the memories of how she found her soulmate.




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