Sanjana not bothered about how she looks went to meet Sanjay. Her eyes traced his tall slender figure, from his messy brown hair down to his worn combat boots two sizes too big. His eyes warm, a range of soft colors reminding her of sweet caramel. She took a deep breath, inhaling his overly strong cologne. She found herself nearly gagging on the powerful scent. However, his broad smile prevented that.

Sanjay is talking to someone over the phone, looks at her and asks her to excuse him as it’s an important call.

She waits for him to finish his call. After his call, both exchanged ‘Hello’, have a brief conversation and  she gives the letter. She tells him she is got to go as a deadline is nearing by.

As She walks, she felt eyes burning a hole in the back of her head. She looked over her shoulder to see him staring at her. It felt surreal, a guy as cute as that couldn’t be staring at her; could he?  She wanted to look around to see if he was staring at someone behind her, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away; what’s not to like? As she looked into his eyes again, they held a hint of something she couldn’t quite place; protectiveness? A mysterious edge?  She carries on with her office work brushing off her thoughts about him.

For Sanjay, it was like he has met the girl of his dreams. A brief meeting with her revealed her qualities and made him to fall in love at first sight. She has round face with a defined pointed nose ,a sturdy jaw line, a prominent chin inclined she always keep her chin up. Wide-set eyes which describes of her innocence. Her mischievous eyes which are windows to her soul.  Her wide mouth  conveyed a sense of openness.He observed her to the minute details in her and he could understand what type of person she is. He got attracted to her. He went on his way, hands in his pocket.

Her thoughts haunts him. He makes it a point to meet her at least once in a week in her office to get a glimpse of her. She,on the other hand, ignores him as she don’t like talking to a stranger whom she had met a few days back and that too, he is a client professionally for her.

Sanjay knows what mood she is, whenever he meets her in office just by looking at her face. If she is irritated or dull, he makes his efforts by making fun of her or pulls her leg to see her smile back. He was falling in love with her bright smile and he does anything to bring her smile back on her face.

Sanjana, on the other hand, feels easy to converse with him officially as days go by. In spite of her hectic work schedule, she finds herself lively while talking to him and she is refreshed for a while.

One day, Sanjana is held up with lot of work as release was on the next day. Her parents call her up to meet a cousin  who will be coming to meet her at 9 pm at Kurla railway station. Cousin has to catch his train by 10 pm as he had come to Mumbai for official purpose. She agrees to meet to her parents.

She  gets engrossed in her work that she forgets to meet her cousin. Sanjay walks in with a cake to surprise her at 9.15 pm and to propose his love to her. Suddenly, when she sees Sanjay, she is remembered that she has to meet her cousin and asks him for a favor to drop in his bike at railway station. Both sets off to railway station. Both have a friendly talk during journey, reaches station and she bids goodbye to him. He in turn rejoice at the wonderful moment with her and goes away without proposing his love.

Within few months, Sanjana gets a Project abroad in Singapore and she moves away from Mumbai. Sanjay thinks about her everyday. In Singapore, she feels aloof without her friends around and starts missing his company. She thinks about contacting him. But she don’t have his contact number either personal or official number. As he is a social network savvy, she sends a message in Facebook  hoping to get a reply from him. She is feeling little uneasy as to whether he will reply or not.After 2 days of wait, she gets a reply from him asking her how she is and his contact number. She is overjoyed when she receives his number and calls him immediately. He was very excited to hear her voice and it sparked his energy.

They talked over the phone every day and it brought out  liveliness in her lonely life  in Singapore. He gives a surprise for her by taking a flight from Mumbai and meets her in a pub in Singapore. They have a gala time and finds happiness in each other’s companionship. When it’s time for him to depart, he holds her hand for a long time until she asks him to leave her hand and bids goodbye.

When he reaches back to Mumbai , he is a bit confused whether to confesses his love for her or not. He finds courage in himself whatever maybe the response from her and calls to propose her.She just listens to him patiently and replies that he is  just a  best friend  for her who stands by her in her highs and lows. He gets disappointed but without any regrets, he gives her space.

Both continue with their regular phone talks and energizes their lives. After few months, they get busy with their hectic schedule at work and they lost in touch with each other.

After 1 year, when she was about to return  to India, she tries calling him to tell that she is coming back. But she finds his phone is switched off. She tries reaching him everyday but in vain. It’s either switched off or not reachable. She is worried what has happened to him.

(To Be Continued……)


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