Sanjana is full of life, charming and a person with a Heart of Gold. She is a very friendly person whom people love to spend time with. She is down to earth. She lives with her parents. Her parents are loving, caring and protective about her as she is the only child.  Her parents have given her freedom to do whatever she wants to.

She loves shopping and she is a voracious reader. She is adventurous and a daring girl.She is ambitious and she is a State Rank Holder in her school and college days.Her only aim in her life is to become an Engineer.

Everything is going good for the Happy-go-lucky girl.

One Day, Sanjana is having a nice time with her parents watching a movie at home. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Sanjana opened the door and found the courier guy hand over a letter to her.  After reading the letter, she is jumping with joy as her dreams to be an engineer is coming true. She has to join the Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai within a span of 20 days.

She is in a dilemma. She is happy that her dreams are coming true but she was sad, as she has to move to another city which is very far from where parents stay. She had a talk with her father about her dilemma that night. Her father supported her to follow her dreams and promised her that they will come to spend time with her and explore Mumbai so that she wont miss them.

When the day arrived of parting, she was so emotional to leave parents and was in tears. Even the parents controlled the tears not to show her how much they are going to miss her, the apple of  their eye.


Mumbai, a bustling city which is  famous for vada pavs. There is something about the city, that attracts so many.

Sanjana got comfortable with the City very soon and made lot of friends. She lived in a rented apartment in Kurla which is near to her college. She calls her parents whenever she gets time and she longs to be with them.

She is a brilliant student in her college, and was loved by her lecturers. She excelled in academics and also in inter-collegiate activities. In the final year of placement, she got placed in TCS. She had lot of friends in Mumbai. They meet up during weekends, have fun and she is balancing both her personal and professional life.

After her engineering course is over, she went home to spend some time with her parents before she joined TCS. Sanjana came back to Mumbai with her parents, they had a wonderful time exploring Mumbai doing all activities like Watching Movies, Shopping, Malls and visiting attractions like appu ghar, Sea link, Gateway of India, having delicacies in Hotel Taj, J W Marriott, etc.

Sanjana joined TCS as a consultant. She is under the training of Manager who is very strict and have to meet the deadlines on that particular day which has been assigned to her and no deviations from it. She is in a project with a team of 8 persons. She is coping with work pressures in the project as a new consultant working from Monday to Friday with no time to sleep. And the only past time on weekends is to get a good sleep.As pressures is on at work, she is becoming lazy even to meet her friends or even to call her parents. All day work and no play is making Sanjana a dull person.

She succeeded in the project assigned to her and she got promoted as Senior Consultant. Sanjana had a wonderful birthday bash by her friends and colleagues when she turned 25. Parents were asking her to think about marriage as all her friends were getting married. Sanjana had no boyfriends i.e., she has boys who were friends but not as lovers and she didn’t have belief in marriage. She is giving excuses to Parents whenever they brought about the topic.She didn’t believe in love as well by looking at her friends, how they suffered and the adjustments they made in love. She is a straight forward person so some people won’t like her character.

One day at work, Sanjana is  given a new project to serve the Client of a reputed company. Boss said to her that a person will come from that organisation and she has to hand over a letter  as he is going out of town for couple of days. At noon, her company intercom is ringing. Call from reception desk said ‘Madam, Sanjay has come to meet you’.

Sanjana asks her, ‘ Who, Sanjay’

She said,’ Sanjay from ABC company’

She asks her to make him wait and she will join him in couple of seconds. She is getting irritated as she has to finish the project work in 2 days and moreover handling the client in middle of her busy schedule will take much of her time and delay her work.

Getting Frustrated, she goes off from her desk to meet Sanjay.

(To Be Continued……)













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