Book Review: An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar with Poonam Saxena



First and foremost, the title of the book should have been different as he is a famous personality and an all rounder in diverse fields as an Actor, Director, Producer, Host, etc.

There is spontaneity and positive energy in him which is unbeatable. He is a Cultural Icon. He is not a person who acts like a celebrity. He has said this in his book’ My Life is My Life’ as well. The Book is remarkably candid and courageous. Some chapters are a dedication to his Father, Mother and friend Shah Rukh. There is so much truth, how he faced ups and downs in his life. How he coped with loneliness without letting him down and translate that into a positive force in his life. Loneliness starts the book and ends the book with so much wonderfulness in between.

Whoever picks up the book is completely drawn or pulled into another life. That is Hallmark of a good memoir.

A wonderful chapter on SRK- How SRK shows respect to Karan Johars father that left him awestruck.

According to him SRK is animated, conversational and a real friend. His Mom was strict, his father loved him unbashedly. Another important person in his life, Kajol, helped him to exert himself in the sets. Though Kajol and Karan Johar had fell out in their 25 years of friendship, which he mentions is a history in the chapter of moments.

There are ups and downs in relationships. He had a deep love for SRK. His friends in showbiz – he has maintained a strong relations with them. Soul and Heart he found in the industry fraternity was amazing and cherished by him.

Karan Johar feels he has a nurturing quality, which he realizes when launching ‘Student of the year’ movie, and maybe why the desire to have a child. Dharma Productions, his company is his emotional paternal space. He is a wonderful Caring person. He is a Good boy whom his mom and dad vouch for him and his parents would attest to it. He loves shopping. He understands things and people, realizes the situation and know what is happening when he walks into a room. He knows people inside out. He is a best conversationalists both professional and personal level. He can make out people’s feelings and he is a sensitive boy to everybody around from youngest of people to oldest of all. He is a brave boy. To be different , to do and be accepted and to run wild and be free in this world is special.

In this book, there is an interesting chapter about his childhood.  He is a person who internalizes fears and insecurities. He is a person who explodes with ideas and opinions. Maybe that is why he is a good listener.

In his book, he talks about his school and college life, how he received his first break as AD , as a costume designer and the debut as an actor in DDLJ, how he directed his first movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, his early film making years and controversies he has to face, death of his father, how he took over Dharma Productions, how he consolidated Dharma, the Karma at Dharma, about his relationship with SRK, about his friends and fallout, about his love and sex, his talk show Koffee with Karan, AIB roast, his midlife angst, comparison of bollywood today with young generation and the old generation and lastly, his desire to be a parent by adopting a child as his old – age insurance.

He is over dramatic. He is melodramatic. He is funny and he has non- stop mad energy.

Overall the book helps me to know the inside out of Karan Johar.


” Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”



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