OK Kanmani Vs OK Jaanu….



Portrays love between a person belonging to older generation and that of the new generation. Adi, a video game developer who wants to pursue his career in U.S meets Tara, an architect who wants to pursue  her career in Paris, accidentally in Mumbai. Ambitious and passionate about careers, they don’t believe in marriage, hence decide to be in a live-in relationship; And what follows after that is whether they will choose their Career or Love or both, is the plot of this Movie. It captures the essence of the modern day relationships.

When two people live together, they get used to each others company and when the time to leave arrives, they find it hard to leave neither their love nor their habits behind.

OK Kanmani / O Kadhal Kanamani: (Oh Love, Apple of my Eye): 2015 Vs. OK Jaanu: (OK Darling): 2016:

The first Tamil movie which I saw after ages was OK Kanmani. I loved the acting of Duluquer Salmaan and became a fan of his movies.

While Duluquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen beautifully brought out the initial awkwardness of the relationship’s beginning, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur fail to recreate the innocence.


Duluquer Salmaan, as a chocolate boy character, was brilliant and natural in acting. Nithya Menen, I loved her acting too and she brought the bubbliness, strength and spontaneity in characters that the role demanded. Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor as Adi and Tara have tried copying the scenes depicted in Tamil movie but unfortunately cannot bring out emotions and the facial expressions are wooden.

Prakash Raj’s expressions made the old couple story believable and managed to touch my heart.  Naseeruddin shah brings his own style and charm to the character of the landlord. Leela Samson  with her brilliant performance in both movies as a person suffering from Alzheimer disease.

In the remake,  Naseeruddin’s character as strong, slient and strict facade brings a new shade to the movie which is otherwise a scene by scene remake of the original.


Humma Humma Remix by Badshah, Tanishk and Enna Sona by Arijith Singh are wonderful songs which are different from the Original. Rest of the songs have similarity in Music, BGM , lyrics and song picturisation to that of the Original songs in Tamil.

Humma Humma, the remix song had good dance moves. It is not apt compared to the scene of the song Parandu sella va in tamil. Parandhu sella va also had good graphics.


The scene by scene stills are copied  from the Original Movie hence loses the essence of the Plot. Cropping most of the scenes makes it brief in Hindi, for e.g. the conversation between Leela Samson and Aditya Roy Kapoor which shows symptoms of her disease after watching the music concert, the first introduction talk at night, etc. This was not so in Tamil. Both the lead characters calling each other ‘Oye’ is also copied from Tamil. Animations were much better in OK Kanmani.

Mumbai 2.0 is the  game designed by the lead, Adi. There are a lot of animations involved in the movie. The video game designed by Adi is an important part of the movie but it did not leave a mark in this movie and was not given much importance in OK Jaanu.  The original movie has Duluquer channeling all his energy and excitement into the scene making us excited about the game.

Due to the translation from Tamil to Hindi, a lot of the emotions were lost, and the lack of emotions in delivery also took a toll on OK Jaanu. OK Kanmani managed to showcase the love and chemistry between the lead without needless smooching scenes.


If one has not watched the original, OK Jaanu is a light hearted romantic movie and you can enjoy the roller coaster ride. The people who watched the original,might end up disappointed, if they try to compare both the versions.

A special thank you to my lovely hubby for his patience until the movie was over.


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