Taare Zameen Par…. (Stars on Earth)


Like Stars On Earth, Every Child is Special”

Every Child is Unique and Special.

I love to spend time with Kids…their Innocence, their curiosity to know , their playfulness, their smile and their little joy in doing small things brings me happiness.

A Child’s Smile can Light up your day.  A Child’s innocence charms many hearts.That’s why it must be protected.

Children need your presence more than your Presents. They just need your time and patience to hear and sort out their tiny problems.

While we try to teach our children about Life, Our Children teach us What Life is all about.

A child can teach us 3 things:

1]To be happy for no reason

2] To be always curious

3] To fight tirelessly for something

The time spent with children is priceless and you would not get the moments back as they grow up.

Every child has his own way of learning and understanding things.

A child is the most precious gift in this world. One that EVERYONE should treasure. The thought of any pain to a child breaks my heart and I don’t think anything in this world could possibly make me more sad. “The Most Precious Jewels You’ll Ever Wear Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children.”

Carefree attitude of Kids will always take us back to our childhood days and how we wish we were carefree like them. Children do forgive and forget easily unlike adults.

Dedication to my little one:

A Precious little gem  fell from the sky, twinkling like the stars that shines bright.

Flower Blooms to see your happiness and Leaves withers when you are sad.

Your giggles, laughs , smiles, hugs and kisses makes my day.

But your cry and  sadness  makes my heart break.

When I am out of sight from you, it keeps me wonder what you are up to.

When you are with me, time flies away and  I wish for more precious time I can spend with you.

Crazy moments between us always keeps the child in me alive.

My Baby,

Sometimes I get confused when you behave as though you are my mother and I am your daughter and  shower me with loads of love, care and correct me when I am wrong.

Your Curiosity of ‘Why’ questions and asking me to check ‘Google’ always impart my knowledge too

Sweetie Pie, You are Magical and Wonderful. You are the Apple of my Eye.

I am Incomplete without you and Love you forever.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”


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  1. Very True.. “Your Curiosity of ‘Why’ questions and asking me to check ‘Google’ always impart my knowledge too”…


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