My Book Review of Preethi Shenoy’s ” It’s All in the Planets”

on 23 September 2016
I have just finished reading the book today and am still overwhelmed by it. I couldn’t put this book down.I love preethi shenoy’s ability to connect with her reader, simple language flow just grips you. Her creativity at its best. The Book surely brings love, happiness, sad, emotions, relations and so on.

All the characters mainly Aniket, Nidhi, Trish, Manoj and code language speaking Subbu.

It also gives an insight about blogs, pottery and care for animals(dogs).

I liked in book very much – Sunsign Personality traits in the beginning of the book and Daily forecast giving a gist of what holds in each chapters is unique. The Book is sure shot winner in all aspects.

My Favorite lines from the book:

* Life is beautiful when you share it with a supportive spouse;otherwise it can be hell.
* This is a part of who he is, and I want to honour that.
* Just because someone doesn’t match your interests exactly, it doesn’t mean you cannot have a great relationship with them.
* Relationships. They are such strange things. Just when you think you have a grip on them, something surprises you. You are never in control. And it is always a power shift. Everything you do in a relationship so depends on how much you love that person.
* Pg : 120, Article about life-mates and soul-mates.
* Love does come with an element of possessiveness, which you have to accept.
* Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts, and we get to choose whom we are friends with. A friend is a gift you give yourself.
* You live only once. And we all deserve happiness. Most of the time we are so afraid to break out of that rut, the routines, the sameness which we are used to.
* A good life partner should encourage you to be the best version of yourself.
* Life goes on. Life waits for nobody, Ani. We have to grab it and ride it.
* No matter what you do, your destiny unfolds in the way it is meant to.
* Maybe there is something beyond our control. Things may not turn out the way we want them to. But how we deal with it is what matters.
* Love is too painful. As much as it can relate, it can also kill. And if you do survive it’s aftermath, you would still feel the searing pain each time a memory creeps up.
* No road is too hard, no path too long and nothing is too much trouble when you are in love.
* We are dealt cards. That is fate. But we do have free will. What we do with the blows that land on us is up to us. We can fight and emerge stronger than before. Or we can give up.


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