Italy Tour – 30.12.2008 to 05.01.2009

30.12.2008:     At 11.35 pm, boarded the train from Zagreb.
31.12.2008:      At 7.30 am, reached Venice. At 8 am, reached hotel. At 10.30 am, boarded the bus to see places in Venice. In Venice central, we can see all 4 modes of transport from one point (airport, boat, bus & train). At 2 pm, we went in boat for 12 hrs journey (saw palaces,houses and gondolas). We got down at St Marco (saw churches, shopping centers and concerts). We went back to hotel & wished everyone a very Happy new year.
01.01.2009:     It was snowing very heavily in Venice. All public transport was not running due to snow. We were about to cancel the trip to PISA but as good luck, bus came by & we managed to reach the station at last minute by running & walking through the railway tracks to reach destination(Pisa). We reached Ferenze station by noon, had lunch & took a train to PISA Railway station. Reached Pisa by 3.00 pm. We walked through the streets and lanes & saw Auser River, Churches, Embassy & Botanical garden. It was a spectacular sight when we reached the leaning tower of PISA. There were cathedrals,Baptistry & cementary surrounding leaning tower. At 5 pm, we climbed to the top of the leaning tower (Bell Tower). There were 302 steps inside the tower. At the top, we could see all the places of Pisa with lights in night. I had a candy in the shape of leaning tower. At 6.30 pm, reached Pisa Railway Station & back to Venice at 10 pm. There were no buses or taxi available. Luckily boarded on the last bus at 12 pm and reached a place where we don’t know. We walked for around 10 km & boarded the taxi to our hotel. Reached Hotel at 2.00 am.
02.01.2009:     At 6.00 am, we started to Rome from Venice. Reached Rome at 2.00pm. Rome was a very large & beautiful place with many monuments, museums & churches. The Station was also very large. We had to take Metro buses ( like a small train) to reach our hotel which was on the beach side (3 kms) from the metro station. Reached Hotel at 4.00pm. It was a resort which has bungalows, restaurant, market & cycling area near to beach. We went to respective cottages alloted to us. Had a get together dinner (Italian food) at 7 pm & went to sleep early as we were tired.
03.01.2009:     In the early morning, went to Rome central station. We boarded a tour tram bus & visited about 15 places. Places are: Colosseum (Old AmphiTheatre & wonder of the world), St.  Peters Square (where pope used to address the speech), Municipal Office, State Building in Rome ( where there was a museum ,sea gull birds & Guards Parade), Trevi Fountain (Where we put coins in fountain by making a wish & these coins are given for charity),Vatican City, Tibre River,Museum with Mouth of Truth (where there is a face with a big mouth. It is believed that if the person keeps the hand in the mouth of the statue, he has to say only the truth. If he says lies when his hands are kept in the mouth, the mouth will be shut), Michaelangelo’s Castle & a church (we saw a man dressed like Statue of Liberty. It seemed to be like a statue but was surprised to find that it was a man & not the statue). We came back to Hotel at 11 pm by walking around 3 kms from Metro Station.
04.01.2009:         At 8.30 am, some from the group went to beach. We didn’t go to beach. At 9.30 am, went to Rome Railway Station. At 11 am, went to St. Bascilica Church where the galileo’s discovery were displayed & Iron pendulum inside the church to measure time. At 1 pm, We visited Parliament House & Cultural Arts Theatre. At 2.45 pm, We reached Rome Railway Station. At 3.50 pm, Boarded Train from Venice. At 8.30 pm, Reached Venice. The train was scheduled at 9.30 pm which was delayed for 2 hrs & 20 min. We boarded the train at 12 pm.
05.01.2009:         Reached Zagreb at 7.10 am. It was little snowing in Zagreb. Reached Home Sweet Home at 7.30am.
Venice – Snow – Very Cold
Pisa – Rain – Medium Cold
Rome – Sunny & Warm
Life’s a Journey not a Destination……..

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